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The goal of the Women in Nonprofit Leadership Conference is to bring together women leaders and aspiring women leaders of nonprofits to engage in discussions about relevant issues and foster meaningful relationships that last beyond the event.

why this conference? Why now?

As the landscape of nonprofit management continues to evolve, the need to implement efficient systems and adhere to strategic decision-making processes is more crucial than ever. This convening of women in leadership positions – and those who aspire to lead organizations – will set the table for constructive conversation and the effective creation of a network of resources, a marketplace of ideas, and exciting opportunities to connect and collaborate.

“We deserve a seat at the table. And if there aren’t enough chairs, at this point I think we need to bring our own.”
— Talia Stinson, 2017 WINPL Conference Panelist

Who Should Attend

  • Founders
  • Board Members
  • Trustees
  • Directors
  • Staff
  • Aspiring Leaders
  • Potential Board Members
  • Philanthropists


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